Adult Toys

Adult Toys

Settings and Functions

Battery-powered adult toys often have a variety of settings, functions and features. First-time buyers might want to choose a toy that is simple to use, such as a toy with one or two settings. The shape of the toy can help you determine whether it right for you.

For instance, some toys are designed to provide stimulation to multiple areas simultaneously. If you aren’t sure how to use the toy, choose something with one or two settings. After you are familiar with the basics, you can experiment with items that have multiple settings and advanced features.

Waterproof Toys

Some adult toys are designed for use in the shower or bath. If you aren’t sure how you want to use the toy, opt for a waterproof option so you have the flexibility of using it in the shower. Another option is to choose one waterproof toy, and a second toy for regular use.

Materials and Stimulation

Silicone is a popular option for some sex toys at, but plastic is an ideal option for bullets and smaller toys that are battery-powered. Hard plastic delivers the movement of the toy more effectively than soft materials. You should also consider your personal preferences. Some people need more stimulation, while others prefer a soft touch.

Choose silicone if you are sensitive to stimulation, or harder materials if you respond to more intense sensations. If you are allergic to silicone or latex, make sure to choose adult toys that are made from plastic or jelly materials that are silicone and latex free.

Disposable adult toys like rings, are also available. Add disposable toys to your collection to enhance your experience. Disposable toys are also perfect if you want to experiment or add spark to a special occasion.

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